Tuesday 6 September 2022

Youth festivals - Informative topic Shared By Assist Prof Bulbul .


Youth festivals are an important part of education. 

They are full of fun and joy , education and recreation. Youth is full of energy and hope.

Youth festivals are organized at college, university and national levels. They are meant purely for students. Young boys and girls belonging to different colleges and universities take part in these festivals.
They stimulate spirit of competition among the youth. Each competitor works hard to surpass the other in the competition. These festivals cultivate a true spirit of love and friendship. There is freedom of association and occasion for exchange of views. They discuss general problems which they face in the college or in the university. A sense of sportsmanship is developed among the youth. They become broad minded in their outlook. They develop cordial relations with one another. Thus Youth festivals prepare themselves to face the future challenges of life with courage and determination.

Shared  by
Asst. Professor English 

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